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Racing on the Microsoft X BoxWelcome to my gaming pages

I like to play games on my tablet & our X box

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On X box: MadDogJessieBoy or MadDogJessie

My favourite games
My favourite games right now are Fortnite, Minecraft, Forza 4 Horizon and Call of Duty, all that I play on our Xbox One X. It's awesome to sit back playing games on our huge plasma TV with the surround sound blasting away! I like playing Fortnite with my friends or doing Minecraft with my brother.

I have some rules I always follow.
Games is about fun, it's not a place for bullying or hating countries, ethnic groups, minorities etc.

Here are my rules and standards while playing on-line games with me:

Chatting in Games
Chatting in games is great among friends, but let's not swear, talk politics, sex or anything negative!
If you do, I will mute you and not listen!

Don't know much English? That's ok, we can still laugh together and have a great game!.

Are you a cheater or loser?
Games are about games. It's the best when you win, but a win is only as good as you. If you need to cheat using aimbots, cheats and hacks, you are out of here! Earn your respect without cheating!
Me boxing in our backyard
Bullying in games
Bullying is not cool! If you are bullying others, my friends and me will block you from our games!

Safety first!
I am always taught to be safe online, so stuff about me, my name, my family, my phone number, address will not be shared. Let's get to know each other first!

Internet speed
Our internet is a 4G connection so sometimes it's really fast, but other times, its reallllllllllly slow.

Playing games with you all is great fun. It's fun to meet new people, create friendships, have camaraderie (I had to look that one up!). But at the end of the day the absolute best is when you win!

X box games: Join me in X box games, just look up my gamertag: MadDogJessieBoy or MadDogJessie.