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Hi there, I'm Jessie Boy, aka Mad Dog Jessie, a member of The Mad Dogs! I have many interests including, playing video games, flying drones, cooking great meals, weight lifting, or just listening to music.

My favourite games
My favourite games right now are Fortnite, Minecraft, Forza 4 Horizon and Call of Duty, all that I play on our Xbox One X. More about my games I like to play here.

I know 4 languages, Filipino, English and learning Dutch & French!

The kitchen
I love cooking and therefore most times I create the meals in our home. I Have created many dishes including oven roasted chicken with fries, homemade pizza, cinnamon buns, ontbijtkoek, bread and much more,  The real best part about cooking is eating all those great foods!

Flying drones
I love flying our high quality & professional DJI drones (we currently have 3 drones). Read more about drones on my drone page here

RC Remote control Cars & Boats
I have & had many remote control cars and boats

The mechanic
My other interest is in mechanical things. If we need to do some work around the house or on the car, change the brakes, replace some or other leaking hose, I'll get in there often times with grease up to my elbows!

Thanks for visiting my website!.

Below is a mock-up of me in Toyota racing suit & Toyota race car
Mock-up of me in racing gear and Toyota race car.