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Welcome to my personal website
I'm part of the Mad Dogs.
I love flying my drones, weight lifting, games, either on the Xbox or my tablet. Local games are good, but the online games are the best. I get to meet new people, talk to other kids (and some grown-ups) from around the world (regardless of country, religion, age, race or gender) and make new friends. More about me here

Safety online
I am always taught to be safe online, so stuff about me, my name, my family, my phone number, address will not be shared.

Games on-line
Playing games can be great fun. It's fun to meet new people, create friendships, have camaraderie (I had to look that one up!). But at the end of the day the absolute best is when you win!
More about games I like to play.

X box games: If you want to join me in a game, just look up
my gamertag MadDogJessieBoy or MadDogJessie

About me!
These are currently our 3 DJI drones